Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This is on behalf of kids

Today, Caleb had darned well be grateful he has a good mom. I know I'm grateful for what she does for our kids and I know how much I appreciate her - I'm not sure our kids have any clue yet how blessed they are.

For the last year or so Marci has been experiencing some health issues. Nothing life-threatening, she has simply developed a late-onset allergy to Gluten (everything wheat based), Corn (so the "things she's allergic to" includes nearly everything at your local Mexican restaurant) and potatoes (and now the list includes everything starchy and yummy). She has also had some thyroid issues which leave her completely devoid of energy all day, every day. It is very frustrating for her, and clearly difficult for her.

Yet, somehow she hasn't missed a beat when it comes to the kids. Everyone is still off to school on time, picked up on time, taken to lessons, or practices, or play dates, or church activities, all successfully and at the required times. Everything that she has always done as a mother and the undisputed organizer and manager of our home and family still gets done. It is quite amazing to me.

Her latest project is our son Caleb. His grades recently in a couple of classes aren't what they could or should be. He simply hasn't been putting in the work. So, Marci has worked closely with Caleb on multiple projects and has been tracking his progress carefully to help him improve his grades; she has sat down with me to make plans for how the two of us can work together to help him learn how to work effectively on his school work - all because she loves him and wants him to succeed.

I'm not saying Marci is any better at being a mom than anyone else, or that she does any more than any mom should. What I am saying is that I'm terribly, deliriously happy that she is the mother of my children, and I couldn't begin to do what she does, nor, in fact, do I have any illusions that I could.

So, today, on behalf of my children, I am grateful they have an awesome mom.

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