Sunday, October 14, 2012

Worshiping through music as a family

Today I had a particularly enjoyable experience: my wife came to choir. This was doubly exciting for me because I was going to be substituting for the normal director. I should point out that I was the choir director for this ward and our prior ward for a total of nearly 7 years. I LOVE being a choir director and I would trade my current calling in a heartbeat to be able to do that calling again. There are really only two callings that I want: gospel doctrine instructor and choir director. However, knowing how things usually work out, I'll probably never get to be called to either of those positions ever again. [sigh]

Anyway, Marci has been feeling for about a month or so that she wanted to come to choir. Now, Marci isn't a talented singer, mostly because she hasn't spent the time trying to be a talented singer. She has an excellent voice, but she doesn't know how to read music well and hasn't trained her ear to be able to follow the harmony parts. All that being said...I could care less. Seeing her smiling face and knowing that she was there just for the purpose of worshiping Heavenly Father is all I care about. I was absolutely delighted that she came.

However, the problem was what to do with Gavin and Sabrina. Caleb has been singing with me in choir for some time now, and we didn't want to stop that just so he could babysit while Marci and I were singing. Essentially our whole family was going to be at choir. We were both concerned with how Sabrina and Gavin would behave. If they get bored it is quite easy for them to be a pretty disruptive force. Imagine our delight when both of them were perfectly quiet and didn't disturb anything and simply read or colored while sitting on the stairs. It was amazing and I was very proud of them. A little later after we got home Sabrina came to me and said, "Daddy, when we were at choir today I could really feel the spirit." - she said it so matter-of-fact that it as almost humorous if it wasn't so touching.

Today I am grateful for a family that is able to worship with me through music. I'm grateful for a wife who loves music enough to come out of her comfort zone, a son who is working on his musical skills, and for two children who love music and are able to feel the spirit as they listen to the music of worship. I'm also grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing our two youngest with a calming spirit.

I'm one blessed dude.

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