Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My wife keeps it together

You may or may not be aware of how much I love my wife, but just in case you are allow me to put your curiosity to rest, I love her a whole bunch.

As with most people and families we have our ups and our downs. We are really good about things for a while, then we slack off for a bit, then we get better, then something else goes down the tubes....it's cyclical. However, one of the constants in all of that is that it is usually Marci that is the first one to pull up and make the changes necessary to get us back on track.

She does so much for our family. Most of the time I can only marvel at how much she accomplishes in a single day. So, today, I am exceedingly grateful for a wife who is sensitive enough to make changes in our lives when we need them, and does it in a way that is never harsh, difficult or divisive. She keeps us all together.

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