Monday, October 15, 2012

Ditto; and a little more

So, my husband got to blogging about ward choir before I did and as I read it I knew that I would not be able to say it better than he did. So, because I don't want to say almost the exact same thing in my post, I am just going to say ditto to everything he wrote last night! Maybe except for the part about me being a decent singer. That is him just being nice. I know it seems like a silly thing to be grateful that my daughter will wear pants, but it made me SO happy this morning that she put on her new pair of jeans! She has not worn pants for a really long time and there have been so many times that I have wanted her to wear pants. So many times that it would have been warmer and just easier. But, she is her own person and wants to do things her way and it had to be her decision to finally get a pair of pants. She still told me that she doesn't like brown pants - so we can only get jeans at this point, but I will take it. She looks so cute and grown up and really tall in her jeans. It has been hard to find skirts that are long enough and she didn't like to wear the little biker shorts under her skirts that I always made her wear. But, we can't go around showing our underwear to everyone. That is the price you pay by wearing a skirt everywhere. Camping, hiking, to the park, riding bikes, and everywhere else that it would have been easier to wear pants. So, the range of things I can now buy her is so much bigger and for that I am grateful!

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