Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good leaders who keep me honest

I posted a few days ago about my excitement that our troop had finally been selected to go to Philmont. I announced it to the ward leaders (bishop, YM president, etc.) and to some stake leaders as well; the reception was not what I had hoped for. After some reflection I have a little better understanding of why, but it is still hard for me to come down from my initial excitement.

I am most grateful, however, to Jared Adams. It was he that reminded me that our youth program is supposed to be run by the youth. The GAs have been emphasizing the importance of having our youth take on as much leadership as possible. With my submitting for Philmont registration I had done it as a somewhat selfish act. Yes, it would be great for the boys, yes, it is a fantastic experience, but also, yes, I was the only one who had any experience with it and I was the only one who was really wanting to go.

So, properly chastised, I had to take it back to the young men and ask them if they wanted to go. I'm not sure any longer if I, or anyone else from the ward, will be going. There may be some people from the stake who will take our slot, but, based on what I was hearing, we may not go. As much as it breaks my heart to see that happen, I also understand why it might happen, and I'm okay with it. 

I may not be happy about it - but I'm okay with it.

So, today I'm grateful for other men who have the courage to tell me when I'm not doing something for the right reasons. It's never easy to hear that your ideas are misplaced - but it definitely helps you learn.

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