Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Home Evening

I have to admit it: I'm not a fan of FHE. We didn't have it very often as a child and when we did it led to one or two of the most traumatic events of my childhood. That is not in any way an exaggeration. So, I know we should have it, and I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. I'm so pathetic about it that even when Marci's family has any kind of "meeting" (which usually involves her parents presenting some kind of spiritual message) I can barely stay in the same room.

That is beginning to change finally, at least where our family is concerned.

Our kids love FHE. They all clamor over each other to be the one to "lead" and they will almost fight over who gets to pick the song and who gets to say the prayer. They listen as well as can be expected for children of their respective ages and they even answer questions pretty readily (the standard "Sunday School" answers are pretty prominent, but, hey, it's all good).

I've mentioned before that we have found immense success in making sure we have FHE by inviting friends over. It's a great method to ensure that you actually do something when someone else is now expecting results as well. Maybe I'll start inviting people over and invite them to bring the lesson too!

Anyway, for others it may seem like a small thing, but for me it is HUGE. I am so grateful that my family makes it so easy for me to enjoy FHE, and I"m grateful for friends who willingly put up with us and come and help make it easy for me as well. It is a small but very meaningful miracle for me.

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