Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Surprise wake up...

So, this morning I could hear Gavin opening his bedroom door (about 6:10am). A month or so ago, he broke his door when he was mad and so it does not open or close right. The screws on the top hinge are coming out of the wall and so it is hard to open. It is also loud and so it wakes me up when someone tries to get in or out. I assumed when I heard the door opening so early that Gavin wants to go into the playroom to play some Wii. He has done this many times where he wakes up super early and sneaks into the playroom and starts playing Wii. There have been times when he has been playing the Wii for at least an hour before anyone else is awake. So, it was close to the time I get them up for school so I got up to tell him that he couldn't play the Wii this morning and I notice the light just over his bed is on. I peek into his room and he is sitting on his bed reading his new scriptures. It was so sweet and just melted my heart and then I had to repent for thinking the worst of him. I have to repent often. He is such a good-hearted child. So, this morning I am grateful to Gavin for teaching me that I must first think the good in him and others because they are good. Thank you Gavin for starting your day off right by reading the scriptures and for especially reminding me of your goodness. I sure do love you Bubba!! Keep surprising me and teaching me!

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