Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Day

I am grateful for any day that I do not have to fight with Gavin. By this point, if you have read any of the previous posts, you know that I have struggled with Gavin and always feel he is our hardest child to raise. It is now 5pm and Gavin has been working steadily at his homework, reading, piano practice and cleaning part of the playroom and his room (including putting clothes away). He has not complained about any of it. He has been focused on what he is supposed to do and is getting everything done without me having to sit right by him and watch him and prod him along. This is amazing to me and a miracle in my life. Things have been getting better since we decided to put him on another med to help him focus. I was reluctant to add another medicine in his daily routine because I don't just want a quick fix for him. I want him to learn to cope and learn to work and work things out, but his doctor recommended it to me and I really trust her opinion. We decided to do it on a month trial basis and see how it goes. We are now in the 2nd month and it is like having a new child. He still has hard times sometimes and definitely still gets emotional over things that don't go the way he thinks they should, but this medicine has made such a difference. He has told me that his mind is more quiet and therefore he can focus on what needs to be done more easily. This is all I want for him. I want him to feel like he has more control over his mind and I don't want it to be such a fight between us and in his mind over every little thing he needs to do. I am very grateful that we have seem to have made the right decision with medication for him and it is helping him be more positive and calm and therefore not disrupting our family so much. I can help all the kids a little more now that I don't have to constantly follow Gavin around to accomplish the littlest of tasks. I am grateful for the guidance I have received to help me know that this is the right decision at this time.

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