Friday, October 12, 2012

Hiking season is upon us!

Today I went hiking with my son Caleb. What a wonderful week when I can go hiking with all of my family at different times. The weather was perfect, the time was available, and we were able to take advantage of the opportunities.

For Caleb and I it is a particularly special time. We get to get out and just talk. He is more open with me on our hikes and we can talk about anything - and it is tremendous fun for both of us. Today for our hike we didn't even really have a serious goal in mind. Usually we hike to get to a peak or to reach the end of a trail, but today I knew we didn't have the time to do anything fancy like that, so we just went out on a trail and started talking. We saw a few things that looked interesting along the way, so we took detours and just sort of explored the area. It was relaxing and really quite fun. We ended up hiking about 3 miles or so in total and I barely even broke a sweat.

I really hope that as Gavin grows stronger we will be able to enjoy going on hikes together as much as Caleb and I do. I cherish the time that we spend together and I know he enjoys it too. I'm so grateful that I have found something that we both can enjoy together. I hope to be able to find something equally rewarding activity that each of my children and I can enjoy together.

Today, I suppose, like my wife, I'm grateful for the arrival (at last!) of beautiful weather so that I can enjoy my favorite activity and that my joy is further enhanced knowing that my children like to do it with me.

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