Thursday, October 25, 2012

Additional patience is rewarded

We have been trying for a while now, as a family, to try and get out of debt. If you include student loan debt then we are likely to never see the light of day again, but our immediate goal is to eliminate consumer debt. 

It has not been easy. 

One thing we realized fairly quickly is that we don't have the most economical of cars. Our minivan is quite convenient, but gets only average gas mileage - but it is paid for, so that isn't such a terrible expense. My Taurus on the other hand, we have a fairly significant (for us) payment on it, it doesn't get any better gas mileage than the van and, well, I've never really liked it. So we decided some time ago to try and sell it. 

I put an add on Craigslist - but it has been a couple of months and there has only been one person that came to look at it. It wasn't a terribly urgent thing to sell it at first, and it still isn't, but I became more concerned about it and began to feel like we really do need to sell it. So, I made it a matter of prayer. 

This week on Wednesday I got 3 calls within about an hour or two, all wanting to buy the car, and one very nice gentleman who actually bought it. The purchase was finalized today and it was a very pleasant transaction. We didn't get the full amount we wanted for it, but we paid it off and got enough money to help us significantly with our Christmas.

So - patience is a virtue. I wish it didn't need to be a virtue, but apparently if you are willing, the help will come when you need it.

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