Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am lucky that I get to go help in my children's classrooms a couple times a month. I love going into their classes and watching them interact with their friends, and teacher and listen to how well they are doing in school. It is a blessing that I get to go help. But, I am most thankful for wonderful, amazing, caring, dedicated teachers. We have been fortunate with our children's teachers throughout the years. They have all had amazing teachers that challenge them, teach them not only the things they need to learn in the classroom, but they teach them how to be good people, good citizens, good classmates. They teach them many life skills that they will use throughout their lives. Teachers are amazing people. It takes an extra caring person to become a teacher. They have a very hard job. It requires long hours with little pay and they deal with a lot from kids, parents, staff, government, etc. Now that Caleb is in Junior high, I don't know his teachers well at all. I met each of them once before school started, but that is all. And unless they call me in for a parent teacher conference, that is probably all I will ever meet them. But, Gavin and Sabrina still have several years ahead of them where I will be able to get to know their teachers by helping in their classroom. This year they both have wonderful teachers. I couldn't ask for better teachers for both of my children. When I am in their classroom, I am impressed with how they teach, how they handle the class, and especially the children who are struggling. They have such patience for these children and truly want the best for them. I love to hear at parent teacher conference how much that teacher loves my child. It makes me feel good to send them to school for most of their day. I know they are in great hands and are getting the very best from their teacher. So, thank you Mrs. Stumpfig and Mrs. Tellman for the countless hours, smiles, hugs and love you give to my children. It does not go unnoticed!!

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