Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes mom needs a time out....

Jared has already posted about me going to Time Out For Women last weekend. I am grateful that he allows me to do this each year. TOFW celebrated it's 10th year in Phoenix and I have been to at least 7 or those 10 years. Probably more that I can't remember. This is something that I love and really look forward to. I always joke that I just need to get away from my kids for a couple of days, but it is more that I need to recharge myself and learn and grow a little more than once a week at church. The opportunity to have a Friday night and all day Saturday to sit and be spiritually uplifted in a fun environment just makes me happy. There is just something about being with 4000+ women listening to sometimes cheesy rock/church music and motivational speakers that puts me back in a happy place. This TOFW was extra special because of the friends I was able to share it with. I bought a ticket for Alisha for her birthday and she flew in for the weekend to go and to hang out with me. All I can say about that is that I miss her terribly and I wish she would move home!! But, that is probably not going to happen so I will take all the times I can get with her. We laughed, talked serious about life, and laughed some more. I just love her and feel blessed to have her friendship in my life even from a distance. We are kindred spirits and that is a true blessing you don't find everyday. The other friend that I love to hang out with and got to spend TOFW with was Tiffany. She is another special friend I am blessed to have in my life. I will truly miss her when she moves away. I learned a lot of wonderful things last weekend and hope to remember them and change myself for the better. Thank you Jared for allowing me this time to reconnect with old friends, continue to build those relationships and to find myself.

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