Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The little things...

It has been a tough week or so at our house. 1 - I was sick for 3 days 2- Sabrina tried to stop her fall off her bike with her face 3 - Spent 6 hours at the ER 4- Spent 30 minutes at the oral surgeon trying to convince her to let him pull her tooth that was dangling by a thread. 5 - Jared had surgery on his right shoulder. Therefore, can't do ANYTHING with his good arm/hand 6 - I did NOT sleep well last night. I was up from midnight to nearly 4:30am. But, here is what I am grateful for this morning: 1 - Sabrina does not need surgery of any kind. Everything is healing well. 2 - One day after going to the oral surgeon - Sabrina's tooth falls out on it's own. 3 - She is not afraid to ride her bike again. But, seems to realize that she doesn't have a choice on whether to wear a helmet. 4 - Jared's surgery went well. There was not any damage to the bicep muscle, so they were able to repair the labrum and close up. 5 - They also did a branch blockage so that he should not feel pain for the first 24 hours. He hated that he couldn't feel his right shoulder/arm/hand AT ALL - but I think that is a blessing. Basically, there are still things to be grateful for even in the tough times. And the last thing I am grateful for this morning is that I get to go back to bed as soon as I can get my kids off to school! :)

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