Monday, November 19, 2012


It has been a long couple of weeks. Between me getting a touch of the stomach flu, to Sabrina falling off her bike and breaking her nose and other things and then Jared having shoulder surgery. I have felt a lot of stress, worry and just generally having to do everything - around the house, driving the kids everywhere, helping Jared as much as I can and just worrying that everything will get done, that I will have the energy to do everything, and worrying that Jared and Sabrina will heal quickly, easily and with as little pain as possible. So, a couple days ago - Saturday - I woke up in not the greatest of moods. I was just tired and frazzled and Gavin and Sabrina woke up early (because they always do on days they don't have to) and immediately started to fight with each other. I had sent them back to bed a couple of times with stern warnings and you could feel the tension in the house already and knew it was going to be a long, hard day. Jared comes in the hallway, takes my arm and leads me to the bedroom and kneels down. We say a prayer together and I of course start to cry. Then he calls Sabrina in and has her kneel down with us and we say a prayer with her asking that she will be able to get along with her brother and be kind. Then we do the same with Gavin. Jared also told each of them to go in their room and pray on their own for the spirit to be with them and help them to be kind to each other and mom and dad. Then, Jared looks at me and asks if I would like a blessing. I generally don't turn down offers like that - even though I didn't really feel the need for one, but thought - it never hurts to have my husband lay his hands (in this case, hand) on my head and give me a blessing. It was a very strong and powerful blessing. Many things I needed to hear and just an almost overwhelming sense of peace came over me. I am so grateful for a husband that gets inspiration to help his wife who sometimes can't see beyond what is happening right then in her life to stop and take time to feel the spirit of the Lord working in her life. I am more grateful then Jared will ever understand or know for what he did for me and our children that day. The power of the priesthood is real and changes lives. Thank you Jared for listening to the prompting to call our family together in prayer and to bless my life through a blessing to hear what the Lord needed and wanted me to hear on that day.

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