Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It is so fun to have family in the holidays!! Brad and Nikki and family got her on Sunday for the week and Sheri and Brian and family are coming tomorrow. I love when my family comes to visit because I love to watch my kids with their cousins. I love that we all love to be together and make an effort to be together as much as possible even though we all live apart. We are lucky and usually get to see each family at least twice a year. That doesn't seem like a lot - but with all our families growing up and being involved in so many things, it is hard to find the time, but we all do our best to get together. I am grateful that my kids get along so well with their cousins and want to spend time with them. I am grateful that I get along with all of my siblings and in laws and want to spend time with them. I know not every family can say that. I was born into an amazing family and I am truly grateful!!

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