Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Staying at home

Today I am grateful to be a stay at home mom. Last year, I decided to go work at my children's school. It was a fun experience and I loved being at the school and seeing my kids throughout the day. I worked with some amazing women and learned so much about the education system and what it really takes to be a public school teacher. They are amazing people!! But, this year I decided that it was too much to work and opted to be just a substitute aide. So, I can go in when they need me. Sometimes a couple times a week or sometimes not at all in a week. I have to say that it has been wonderful!! I have loved this school year so far. Last week when I was walking into the temple, I was just so happy to have the time to go to the temple whenever I wanted to. I love being able to run my errands during the day without my kids and knowing that they are at school learning and not home watching TV or playing Wii so I can run around without them. I have loved being able to go to lunch with my mom again every week. I so missed that last year. I love having her close and being able to be with her at least once a week. I love being able to work on my house - making it into the home I want it to be. My challenge is to be able to stop when my kids get home. I tend to be a little too involved in my project to stop! :/ I love that I have a husband that doesn't say anything if I decide to lay on the couch or in bed for half a day just resting! Especially after a night hanging out with my friends and staying up too late!! I really do have a blessed life and feel like for several hours a day I get to do what I want. Some days I really fill my time with great things and other times not so much. But, everyday I have felt blessed that I get to choose what to do. Which leads to the incredible blessing of having a husband who works 2 jobs to provide for our family. That is the thing I am most thankful for. A husband and father who truly provides for me and our children in every way! Thank you!!

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