Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our son: Gavin

Today's post is an easy one. Gavin turned 8 this week and today he was baptized. He's been looking forward to it so much and it was great to see him finally able to meet his goal. He is a wonderful boy and has so many strong qualities. Like any child he will drive us absolutely nutty sometimes, but even as the insanity sets in and begins to drive full throttle up the nearest wall, you can still see that the very thing that is making you crazy has the potential to be his strongest and most positive character traits.

We had so many good friends and family that came out to support him and it really was a great day. Gavin at one point during the day even whispered to Marci, "This has been so fun!" And it was.

Gavin, we are so proud of you for making good choices. We love you and love what you do for our family. We are blessed to have all of our children, but today was Gavin's special day. Love you Buba!

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