Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Clearly, I don't post every night like my wonderful husband. Not because I don't have something to be grateful for everyday, but because I just have generally forgotten each night. Anyway, tonight I just had to post about my Gavin!! It was his 8th birthday today and it was a great day for him - and just plain busy for me so that it could be great for him. There are many times that I don't say the nicest things about Gavin. He is a hard child. He is stubborn, strong willed and has to do things his own way. In the time that I am dealing with these things, I do not find them a blessing. But, in reality, they are a blessing. He is a great kid. He is strong willed and stubborn and wants things done his own way. I know I just repeated myself, and I meant to because that second time it was meant as a compliment. Gavin teaches me so much each day. I constantly have to try new ways to help him do the things I ask him to do, the things he needs to do (homework, piano, etc) - because I have to do that, I am a better mom and I look at other kids differently. I just want to understand him and there are definite times when I receive help from Heavenly Father. I have had impressions and thoughts come to me that help me understand how Gavin's mind thinks. I am always so grateful for those small and simple insights to help me better understand my son. I think at this time, we need children to grow up strong willed, stubborn and wanting to do things their own way. I think we will need children that will learn to be strong willed enough to follow God no matter what everyone else is doing around them. I believe Gavin to be one of these kids. I just need to make sure that his testimony of God and his purpose on earth are strong and he will use his stubbornness to follow them no matter what! That is my goal with him (and all my children). Some days I think it is not going to work because I am not helping him see what is most important, but then I have a tender mercy from the Lord helping me see in what direction I need to direct Gavin. I am not sure that this post has gone in the right direction of showing gratitude, but these are the thoughts that I have had today about my sweet, loving child that wants to be good, but sometimes gets in his own way! And sometimes I get in his way! He is a blessing in my life everyday and I am grateful to be his mom! I love you Gavin!!!

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