Friday, September 28, 2012

Good people who serve our family

I knew this would happen eventually, I'm just kind of upset it happened today. I have had one of "those" days. I haven't been able to concentrate on anything so I've been generally unfocused and lazy all day. I don't think I could tell you what I had for lunch much less talk about anything really noteworthy.

However, that is the blessing of this little blog. While I was sitting here not thinking of anything at all that I could write about, I figured: I'll just write about that! Brilliant! Of course, as it usually happens when you exercise a little faith and begin to act: as soon as I start to write I then recall a rather obvious blessing that has touched my life: my wife's visiting teachers.

Marci and I went to our gym this evening to partake of the spa/sauna/steam room - we go around once week and just hang out and talk for an hour or so. It's very relaxing and it is usually pretty quiet in the evenings. Hey, I'm a cheap date, what can I say. Anyway, while we were there tonight Marci told me about her lunch this afternoon with her visiting teachers. Her teachers are Shanda Adams and Brittany Call. At the lunch were the women they visit teach: Marci, Mary Davis and Jenna Hadlock. If you know those women, you know how entertaining that lunch must have been, and for those of you that don't know're missing out on something truly special. They are all extraordinary women.

In talking about the time she spent with them today she shared some of the stories they shared how much she enjoyed speaking with and learning more about the wonderful women there with her. Above everything else she spoke of she expressed to me how much she loves and admires both Shanda and Brittany and how much she appreciates having good visiting teachers. She was especially grateful for their example of cheerful service that they both share so easily and readily.

I know both Brittany and Shanda and I have seen how cheerful service is such a large part of who they are. However, even if I knew nothing else about them, I know that they have blessed the life of my sweet wife, and by so doing they have blessed my life and the lives of our children and therefore deserve my most profound gratitude. Thank you Shanda and Brittany for sharing your love and service with Marci....the blessings of your service are more deeply felt and appreciated than you know (and certainly more than these simple words can express).

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