Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Small and simple blog

Today I need to express gratitude to President Eyring. In his General Conference address in October 2007 titled O Remember, Remember President Eyring spoke of how he began a journal wherein he tried to record daily the events that occurred which he felt showed the hand of God blessing their family.

I have to admit that I have thought about that idea ever since. It has been crawling around in my head trying to find an outlet for 5 years. I had thought about how I would go about it, thought about where and how I would write it, even the title of the journal (which really was planned to be a blog all along). I had such good intentions and even cleaned out one of my old blogs that I didn't use any longer in anticipation of starting it.

But I never actually DID anything about it!

Finally, as part of a general campaign of raising the bar for myself, I actually took action. This blog is the result....of 5 years of planning. Not very impressive, I know. I'm quite disappointed in myself for taking so darned long to get around to doing it. However, I am not in the least disappointed by the effect. Sitting down each night to think through the day and try to see the blessings that have come our way or remembering the events that inspired me, I can't help but feel even more gratitude to my Father in Heaven. The quiet moment of reflection back on the day coupled with thinking "how have I been blessed today?" combine together to produce a powerful sense of gratitude and a recognition of how blessed I really am.

Thank you President Eyring for your inspired words and for inspiring in me the need for this marvelous undertaking.

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