Saturday, September 22, 2012

Helping in a small way

This evening I had the privilege of going to the temple to see a dear friend, Nichole Carney, go through the temple for the fist time. It was marvelous to be with her in the temple and to be able to support her as she made that important step in her life.

Later, after we were done with the session and waiting in the foyer for our respective wives/fiances to get dressed, Ryan Dixon (Nichole's fiance) and I had a chance to talk. He told me a couple of things that blessed my life and filled me with gratitude to the Lord. I should take the time to provide more detail, and that detail may come at another time, but for now I'll just share the short version;

Early on when Nichole and Ryan were dating, I was prompted to send a message to Ryan and express to him how blessed he was to be dating Nichole and share my thoughts about what a wonderful young woman she is. Tonight he told me that he was grateful for my message to him as it helped him at a crucial time to help crystallize the thoughts he was having about her and helped him make a stronger commitment to his relationship with Nichole.

This last week, I was prompted on Friday to ask Nichole if she was going to go through the temple prior to her marriage in October. She responded that, yes, she was and that was happening on Saturday. I asked her if she would mind if we came and she replied with an enthusiastic yes. At that moment I was extremely grateful for the prompting to call her; if I hadn't I would not have been able to share that experience with her. Ryan later shared with me that Nichole was grateful that we were going to be there because she had been feeling the need for more love ans support from friends, and I'm extremely happy that we were able to provide the kind of support she needed.

I am grateful for the hand of the Lord guiding my actions and that I was able to listen to those promptings and respond appropriately. Because of some promptings to do very small and simple things my and my family's life has been blessed through sharing wonderful experiences with a dear friend. Those same promptings have also helped bless the lives of others in a small but meaningful way. I love being able to see and feel the love the Lord has for all of His children, and I am grateful that the blessings that flow from that love.

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