Monday, September 24, 2012

Good friends and Family Home Evening

We've been trying to be much better about having family home evening - it hasn't been easy. We could easily blame busy schedules, tired kids, or any number of logistical problems, but the reality is that I just don't have an easy time of it. Growing up I think I can remember maybe 4 or 5 times that we actually had family home evenings, and on at least one of those occasions it was one of the single most traumatic experiences we ever had as a family. So, FHE makes in general, and "spiritual" family gatherings of any sort make me intensely uncomfortable as those unfortunate memories surface.

However, the experiences we've had with my own family have been good; I just need to get over my bad attitude. Our kids love it - they are short and to the point (they have to be with small kids) and, with only the occasional complaint when our kids are busy being cranky, usually quite fun. Still, though...they could be more consistent.

What we have discovered recently that works well for us is to invite over friends. If we invite someone over to participate in FHE with us then we kind of get forced (if you can call voluntarily inviting someone over being "forced") into actually making sure FHE happens. It's not a bad system and it also allows us to have wonderful friends come over and share a good experience with us.

In keeping with the plan, we invited someone over for FHE tonight, and I am therefore grateful today for good friends who are willing to come over and be smothered by crazy kids and a freaky dog, and generally just be good natured about putting up with our family for a couple of hours.

Don't worry - you'll be on our invite list soon and you'll understand!

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