Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back in the saddle - I hope

Seems I've taken a break since late November. I was disrupted for a few weeks due to having shoulder surgery. I had an arthroscopic procedure done to clean up my right shoulder joint and re-anchor a torn labrum (sp?) tendon. This essentially put the use of my right arm out of commission for several weeks. I tried typing a few times, but I was relegated to typing one handed for about 3 weeks and it was really lousy. After typing all day at work the last thing I wanted to do was type some more.

And that was it. No other good reason for such a long break. I took the easy way out and took a break for a few weeks rather than deal with the frustration.

At first I wasn't in the mood to count my blessings. Then, right as I started thinking I should get back to writing in this blog, I got the flu and was down and out for a week. Then the holidays, then coming back from the holidays, then the start of school, then....blah, blah, infinitum.

The much more simple explanation is this: I got lazy. I let the simple frustrations of every day life get in the way of the goals I had set for myself. I could somewhat justify myself through some of my physical problems, but really....there's not much of an excuse that is worthwhile. I found the time and found a way to do other things that were of far less value but required probably the same amount of work and effort, so the bottom line is that I didn't make this a priority......for 3 months.

But - today is the day to start again and not procrastinate any longer.

Today I am grateful that I am an idiot. I know that most everyone is already aware of this fact, and certainly I've been aware of it for most of my adult life (cocky teenagers and early adults don't count - they don't have a brain and are therefore incapable of recognizing their idiocy, and I most certainly fell into that category).

The month of February is my month to find speakers to talk in sacrament meeting. We had fast Sunday (no problem there) then stake conference (again, no problems) - but then this week I completely forgot about it till Friday morning. Yikes! Thank goodness it is High Council Sunday and Wade Pew (the High Councilor assigned to our ward this month) was ready to go and willing to come on short notice. Now I just needed to find a companion speaker for I looked in the mirror. If I am going to be lame, I cannot foist my ineptitude onto another. I have to take that responsibility on myself (and besides, Marci laughed in my face when I asked her). So, I will be preparing a talk. For tomorrow. It is 9:00 Saturday night, and we have church at 8:30 in the morning.

So, I will be relying pretty heavily on the spirit in my talk tomorrow, and for that I am grateful. It teaches me humility, it teaches me to remember the things that are important, and it reminds me that I need to stay close to my Heavenly Father just so that I can always be prepared for moments like these.

What can possibly go wrong?

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