Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The activity of youth

I got to spend some time with the young women of our ward tonight. Our stake is having an activity called "walk your ancestors to the temple" (or something like that), the idea being that all the youth of the stake will do some family history research and take the family name that they have found to the temple. In addition to the family history activity, all the youth will walk to the temple from our stake center (about an 8 mile walk). It's an interesting idea and one I support.

So, tonight I got to help out the young women to get registered on the site and help them with their research. It was a lot of fun....but also very humbling. I've personally not done much family history research. I did some a LONG time ago when it was still a very manual affair and nothing was online. But I honestly haven't put much effort into the activity now that everything is online. These marvelous young women were showing me an example wherein I cannot help but find myself humbled.

So, today I am grateful for the strength of the youth of our church and for what they teach me every time I get to work closely with them.

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