Monday, February 18, 2013

Shared joys

I went hiking today with Caleb. Not a particularly adventurous hike, but it was a good one nevertheless. We went and did the 302 circumference trail at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and ended the hike with a jaunt up the summit trail of Piestewa Peak. It's a trail I've done probably 50 or more times, but Caleb had never been, so....why not? We ended up covering about 8 miles or so and had a pretty dang good day.

It is wonderful to me that Caleb and I can share an interest in hiking together. It gives us a chance to talk privately about whatever we want and we get a chance to bond and have fun together. I get to see him grow in skill and the point where I'm becoming annoyed - he can hike faster than I can and he's getting pretty strong; I've still got him in skill and stamina, but he's catching up quickly. [sigh]

It is just such a blessing to me that Caleb shares some interests with me as it really helps me stay close to him as a father. 

Now.....if I can just find something like that with Gavin I would feel truly blessed.

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