Thursday, February 21, 2013

The beauty of nature

I'm not sure whether this is a blessing or simply a highlight, and in a way it is kind of both.

Yesterday we had a particularly cool winter storm. It actually snowed in Mesa. There was a bunch of small hail first, enough to look like snow as it stayed on the ground, but then a little dusting of snow on top of the hail. I heard from Marci earlier in the day that there was snow on the Superstition mountains.

Now, I should explain that I am obsessed with snow on the Superstitions. There have been a handful of times over the last 10 years or so where there has been snow on them that has stayed long enough to be really noticeable. My dream is to go and hike up into the mountain when there is still snow visible. The mountain has not cooperated. Every time it has snowed on a day when I cannot go hiking! It is either on a Sunday (I won't voluntarily go hiking on a Sunday if it can be avoided) or on a weekday when I cannot miss work. Add to that the necessity of having a partner with me to be safe, and that's nearly impossible to manage on a weekday as well.

Anyhow, yesterday was different. The now came down at such a low altitude that I knew I wouldn't have to hike up very far to see it. So, after a work meeting at an incredibly annoying time (7:00 - 8:00 - if not for the meeting I would have been up at 5:00 just to get there before sunrise) I asked Marci if I could go down to take some pictures. Marci is busy painting our bedroom and could have used my help for sure, but, and I believe I married her in anticipation of this very moment, she said "Go ahead."

So, I went. Paul Reed was also headed there for a run and we eventually met up. It was simply spectacular. I've never seen the desert blanketed in snow and ice like was worth every bit of effort, and I wish I had gotten there earlier and for longer.

Today was the partial fulfillment of a long-held dream of hiking the Superstitions in the snow, and the welcome blessing that I have a wife who understands how important and rare of an opportunity this was for me, and let me go even though it was probably pretty annoying for her to do so. Both were blessings that I am very grateful to recognize.

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