Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I have no idea...

All of these posts are written pretty much real-time. I don't plan them out, I do very little editing once they are written out, and I rarely begin thinking about what the blessings of the day are until I sit down to write them. There is quite frequently a long pause between logging in and typing the first words.

Today is a tough one. I'm getting sick again (for the 3rd time in as many months - a very rare occurrence for me) and I'm quite unhappy about it. Marci and Sabrina are also sick (mostly Marci), and that doesn't make things any more pleasant. I won't enumerate the various symptoms I'm experiencing, but they are all pretty annoying and miserable. So...how do you find something good in a day where you feel sorry for yourself and feel like crap?

I need to think a little harder about this one today.

Okay, I had two little experience tonight that qualifies now that I'm paying more attention, here goes:

I teach psychology at a local community college, it's a nice side job and I enjoy it quite a bit usually. That was not the case tonight. I knew I would have to lecture and I was just not feeling up to it. I was sniffing and coughing and my throat and head hurt and I felt weak - just a horrible combination for trying to entertain students for an hour. On my way to campus I said a little prayer as I was driving "Please, help me get through this tonight." As class started I wasn't feeling any better. I had some water and a pile of tissues ready to go. I warned my students that I was sick and might hack up a lung or need to blow my schnoz at any moment, then I began the lecture. 

I had zero problems. My voice held out, my mind was clear and I barely noticed that I was sick. After I concluded my lecture I went back to the computer to log off, and I had to lean on it to catch my breath and my balance. I had nothing left! I also suddenly started coughing and needed to blow my nose. It was almost as if someone cut the marionette strings as soon as I was done; but more importantly, I also now realize that I was being supported for the time I needed it. I staggered (that is not an exaggeration) back to the car and headed for home.

Once home I had to run a couple of quick errands (pick up medicine and get some food) and as I was returning home I got a text from bishop that he needed someone to cut a check down at the church. I was already out and about, so I went down to help out. I got the main business taken care of quickly and while I was there another member of our ward took a moment to thank me for talking to their spouse at a recent activity. Apparently some of the things I said "really inspired him" - I had no idea. I remembered the conversation but couldn't really remember anything I said that was inspiring or even that tried to be inspiring, but it was good to hear a clear message that somehow I had been able to bless another person's life in a small but meaningful way.

So, today I'm grateful that the Lord saw fit to support me in my moment of need, and then chose to bless me in a small random way that made me feel good at the end of an otherwise rather unpleasant day.

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