Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great weekend

Jared and I had the opportunity to take Caleb up to Utah this past weekend to General Conference and to tour around the church sites there. It was such a fun weekend. Jared and Caleb were able to go to the Priesthood session of G.C. on Saturday night with Brad, Noah and cousin Jared. They had a wonderful time and I think it was really neat for Caleb to be in the conference center with 21,000 men and boys listening to the prophet and apostles. On Sunday, Jared, Caleb and I were able to go to the afternoon session of conference. I loved being there and especially feeling the strong spirit as the audience went completely silent in under 2 minutes as the prophet walked into the conference center to begin the session. How wonderful it is to be gathered with so many other saints and know that we all have the same goal of trying to be like Jesus and learning how to together. I find it interesting that after having this wonderful experience over the weekend, I come home and have to read such negative things about some things that were said by my prophet. I respect everyone's right to choose to believe what they want and to find their own journey in life. I feel as if I am a kind, tolerant person, but sometimes it is hard to not feel hurt and want to lash out by things that are said - especially by someone that until only recently believed as I did. Now, this blog is for the opportunity to express my gratefulness, not to complain about things I really don't understand. So, with all this being said, I am truly grateful for a living prophet. I know that even though I struggle, I can follow his guidance and council and find more peace and happiness than the world could ever give me. I know that as I continue to struggle through my life and through the challenges that I face each day, I can turn to a loving Heavenly Father and feel comforted and feel peace and find direction. Looking to worldly things will never bring me the happiness and joy and peace that following the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring. I will not let Satan lead me astray.

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